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  • Apr 20th 2017

Rental Property Allowable Expenses

It was announced today that allowable expenses from rental income will be restricted for landlords from April 2016. The wear and tear allowance will be replaced by a new system from April 2016. The past wear and tear allowance allows landlords to deduct ... more

  • Apr 20th 2017

ET In The Park

Bennett-Walden's Reina Eldridge and her family attending the showing of ET in our very own Broomfield Park last Friday. A fantastic night had by all - even the rain didn't dampen the evening! Another great event sponsored by Bennett-Walden. ... more

  • Jun 27th 2016

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Brexit could mean many things for the UK, but could it mean a decline in the property market? There seems to be mixed opinions when discussing the future of London’s housing prices. Recent publications in CITY A.M. and Independent take different ... more

  • Jun 23rd 2016

Southgate - Area Guide

Southgate’s history dates back to 1370, when a medieval settlement clustered around the South Gate of the King's hunting grounds of Enfield Chase. Life remained quiet until the Piccadilly Line reached here in 1933. Within just a few years, new housing ... more